About Buddha Babies - Enlightened Birth Preparation
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Welcome to the home of Beautiful Births


Your journey starts here…

Meet Stacey…


Until I got pregnant with my first child, I had no idea that childbirth could be beautiful. Just like most people, I’d assumed it would a be scary, painful affair requiring medical intervention and vast quantities of drugs!


Thanks to a friend, I was introduced to Hypnobirthing and it transformed everything: my pregnancy, my birth, my experience of motherhood.. & the entire next chapter of my life.


Since then I’ve been on a fascinating journey to discover the truth about what really happens during labour, why it scares us so much and what we can do to reclaim our intuitive birthing power.


I am now convinced that childbirth can be one of the most positive, empowering and inspiring moments of our lives.


It just takes the right education, a teacher you can trust and a bit of practice – all of which I aim to provide in my classes.

‘I love helping women discover just how incredible their body really is, and watching their fears disappear as their confidence grows’

My greatest influences:

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have learnt from some of the world’s most pioneering and accomplished teachers in the field of childbirth education.

I have trained directly with:


Yet my greatest teacher is my own little boy, Byron who first led me down this incredible path.

And of course, the amazing women I work with every day, who have proved to me beyond doubt that there’s nothing stronger (or more beautiful) than a woman giving birth to new life.

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